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A quick 5 day tour of Switzerland

5 Day trip

Switzerland might be small, but there are many stunning places in Switzerland. If you are looking for the best things to do in 5 days in Switzerland or the perfect 5-day Switzerland itinerary, this post is for you. 5 days in Switzerland is the absolute minimum to spend in this country in my opinion! However, I understand that some of you might only have five or four days in Switzerland, so you can adjust this itinerary to 4 days in Switzerland (but also for 6 days in Switzerland). Be prepared to sacrifice those extra hours in bed to see the best Switzerland has to offer. But believe me when I say: it will be worth it! While 5 days in Switzerland isn’t enough to see all the highlights, it’s definitely possible to see some of its top places.

Day #1
Day #2
Day #3
Day #4
Day #5